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  • Starting a new business
  • Re-structuring an existing business
  • Growing a business
  • Boosting the cash flow
  • Increasing the working capital

In addition to home loans our mortgage brokers also can advise you on and provide a full range of business loans, including small business loans, and for property finance and investment property finance. We will find the most appropriate option for you depending on your individual circumstances and taking in to consideration factors such as your business sector, the nature of your business, any other debts your business may have, the businesses overall financial situation, the reason you require the business loan and what your timeframe is.

There are a number of costs you need to consider when calculating the amount of money you need to complete the purchase of the new investment.

  • Government Fees - including stamp duty on transfer and on the mortgage.
  • Legal Fees - including conveyance and property search fees.
  • Property related costs - including council and water rates and in the case of a unit purchase you will have strata fees.
  • You may also have to allow for other costs such as building and pest inspections.
  • lo doc loans

If you are just starting out or self-employed

;equity loans

To allow you to access the "cash" in your existing business.

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