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Commercial and Business Loans

Falcon Home Loans can find the right commercial loan for you. We have access to lenders who will lend up to 80% of the commercial property value allowing you to keep more of your precious capital to run your business.

Vehicle Finance & Leasing

A car lease is a commercial finance product which enables a client to have the use of a vehicle along with the benefits of ownership while the financier retains actual ownership of the vehicle.


If you are self-employed you may have had trouble with the banks in the past when applying for a loan. Falcon Home Loans can offer you a number of “Lo-Doc� and “No-Doc� products which can be at discounted home loan rates without you having to provide the mountain of financials and tax figures that the Banks require for their standard mortgage facilities.


Contractors and the self-employed don't always have the same financial structure or income patterns as PAYG earners.

Lo doc and no doc loans are designed specifically for self-employed borrowers who don't wish or aren't able to disclose their income.So instead of providing tax returns or extensive financial statements, borrowers simply sign a form stating their income.Lo doc and no doc loans are available as fully featured term loans or lines of credit but may be at a higher rate than standard home loans.

We help identify which loan is right for you.

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